When the sun shines brightly 🌞

The summers 😖 it may seem exiting with the pool parties and cold food items but it does become a headache when the sun glows as bright as a ball of fire. I felt like composing a poem on this…hope you all like it. Happy reading ☺

you will always find my face wet, no its not the water…but it’s the sweat. 😥

oh please! don’t ask me for an outing , look at the sun , it seems it’s burning.

the afternoon heat is messing with my head , nothing can help me,no fan no shed.

darn! the ac’s doesn’t works , the stickiness, the humidity it really sucks .😑

I dream of ice creams and cold water, a cool country of mine and an icy shower .🌊

but then I wake up surprised and close my eyes tightly .🙈

because outside the sun shines brightly .🌞


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