City lights or the Night Sky?

The time when the sun goes back to its resting abode,

And the black clouds form a canopy.

The moment shades of dark blue the sky showed,

As if the deep ocean rose and spread like honey.

Millions of houses felt like standing in solidarity,

Holding their lights as torchbearers.

They seemed to be in a silent accord of unity,

Flashing the power of yellow magic together.

At the distance, where the earth touched the sky,

The city lights made that glow like a forest fire.

They say alleys darken when night comes but why,

Those alleys shined too against that blue sapphire.

The night sky darkens the earth or the city light brightens it?

That’s a perception, that varies for different kinds of thinking.

To one, it may be a canvas on which too much black might fit.

Others might see just the glistenings, fading yet burning.


Clicked by me (Tanya Garain) on a rainy evening.

3 Replies to “City lights or the Night Sky?”

  1. A great and centimental poem. How beautifully you percieved such a simple picture and portrayed it in so simple yet beautifull words is just baffaling. Great work.

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