About Us

Heyaa !! I am Tanya Garain, a proud Indian, living a charmed life with my beautiful family and some dear ones.

I have a passion for writing. All these ideas were just jammed in my mind until I decided to start a blog and share my brain’s belongings with you all. Knowledge increases when you share it..isn’t  it ? So I welcome you all to my page, GarainBrain, where you could read, learn and inspire. Garainbrain provides you daily quotes, self made poems and my novels to kick start your day and make it a perfect one. Whenever your mind pleads for a break, you could trust my brain and come here for something different and good. My faith motivates me to use my unique gifts to make something creative and share it for a noble cause.

I am a young learner and wish to turn sixty with the same designation…

Happy reading !!!