Go Ahead ?

sometimes you may come across some lanes, which give you nothing but sorrow and pains.

sometimes the fate may play a game with you, you may not realise what’s false and what’s true.

the hands you believed may leave you someday, the things in your hand may become a matter of yesterday. 

instead of thinking of what worth you are, you should know it takes million years to be a star. 

believe in yourself friend, belive in the All Mighty, don’t let the fire in you go because of anxiety. 

count your mistakes cuz you could set them right, you want to touch the moon ,keep trying you might. 

you yourself are unaware of your power, just work for your dreams, blessings the God will shower. 

– Tanya Garain


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  1. Congratulations !!!!!. Well done. You feel your parents proud of you. Keep it up. May God Bless you.

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