God’s promise ?

when I was about to take birth, from the heaven I peeped down on the earth. 

seeing such a big world I grew quite nervous, I closed my eyes tightly and started praying in murmurs. 

The God came to me and put his gentle hand on my head, why don’t you go down and live a life as I said.

Oh God just look how merciless some people behave, I am so tiny, who will except you my care would take?

The God smiled back at me as though he had everything in his mind, 

do you think your God will let your smile hide?

who said that I’ll leave you alone? I’ll always be there, may you be happy or you moan. 

I’ll hug you tightly in my arms whenever you’ll feel afraid, I’ll teach you how to be brave and have courage. 

I’ll help you in walking and teach you how to cross miles, I’ll teach you how to be good and spread smiles.

I was surprised and asked him calmly, will you come down with me and he nodded back silently. 

I agreed immediately and closed my eyes, I crossed all the rainbows and came down from the skies. 

when I reached the earth, I opened my eyes to look above my shoulder, 

God was smiling at me , in the form of my mother. 

                                                                                                                                         – Tanya Garain


8 Replies to “God’s promise ?”

  1. Your poem is very well connected with imagination and sound, Very well thought and graceful. God bless you.

  2. Awesome!!!…. I could connect with the story as if you gave words to my thought… ???…Keep it up dear!!

  3. Awesome !!!!!
    You raised all mothers up to the level of God.
    Being a mother of a daughter, I must congratulate you.
    God bless you.

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