An Ulbane – Chapter 2

Till now you have witnessed two situations in the book, one in the war ground with swords and shield and the other in the modern world with metro trains and cars. To find out how these scenarios are related, keep yourself updated with the upcoming chapters of An Ulbane.


“It’s very expensive Diana”

“Oh! Julie!…hi!”

Diana was surprised with the sudden appearance of Julie, her friend. She worked with her in the bank.

“I know Julie..I was just wondering when they’ll get this out of here..I mean it is here since many days…”

“I think when the real owner buys it” Julie smiled and winked at Diana.

They both started their journey again towards the Bank. “No Julie..I could not even afford it in my dreams.” “I don’t know why but I see you in that gown in my dreams.” Julie said laughingly.

Diana smiled back in reply. It was impossible. Julie was saying so because she was her friend..her only best friend.

Diana was an orphan. She never knew what love and family could make anyone feel. She didn’t knew anything about her parents…nothing about her lineage. She grew up in the house of Aunt Jane and Uncle Peter. They earned well but were ‘kind’ enough to keep Diana out of all the luxuries. As soon as Diana got a job in the Bank, they declared her capable enough of looking after her expenses. Diana was never too fond of them and she was not really affected by this declaration. Jane and Peter never spent even required amount of money on her. She used to get clothes from second hand shops and her meal was equivalent to Tom, the dog. Tom was more precious and beloved than Diana. Keeping Diana with them was their mere duty, as she was their niece, but considered her not more than a junk old chair.

Despite a life full of ignorance and hatred, Diana grew up to be a beautiful girl. Long blonde hair, big black eyes, pink cheeks….though she was a bit thin but she had an extra charm on her face. No one knew what was the reason of her smart, charming look, despite fancy clothing and makeup. Even Diana was also not aware about this. Her mom must be very beautiful. It was her thought.

“ have to make fifty more calls. Here’s the register…and don’t forget the way…you have to make our customers believe in our new insurance policy.”

“But George…I already have many files to be checked…and my calls..”

“Diana. You are being paid for your work. A bank receptionist has to do all this.” George threw the register on the table and went. “Yeah I am going to be a millionaire soon..” Diana sighed.

Again a hectic day, with so much to do and in return only three hundred dollars at the end of the month.

“come on D..cheer up.”  “Am trying to Julie..but Uncle Peter wants me to pay the house rent now, rent for his smallest room in the house. How could I manage for long.”

“Diana…”   “leave it Julie…I have to get back at work.”

“You are late.” Uncle Peter said when Diana entered the house that night…after a really tiring day. It was his exclusive way of welcoming Diana in the house. He was a fat man and it seemed that the chair had to really do a great hard work to keep him above it. He had broken many chairs and then complained of the wood. His face was completely hairless, without even a trace of beard (eyebrows were there of course). Aunt Jane wasn’t fond of his bearded look.

“Sorry..there was much work today..” Peter took his eyes off the newspaper and looked sternly towards Diana.   “Don’t tell us how busy you are..” this was Aunt Jane who had came out of the kitchen and was pouring hot soup in Peter’s bowl… “what we need to know is that where is the rent? It was due for today.”

“I know Aunty..I..I..didn’t got the salary today..but tomorrow..”

“Tomorrow never comes.” Jane replied coldly. “you must have  learnt that much in school. We don’t know if you are paid or should better be punctual with your rents else I’ll start charging for the meals too.”  With this Aunt Jane threw a thin slice of bread and butter on Diana’s plate. Diana stood there for some time…looking really angry. ‘Are they humans or not??’ she was thinking in her mind.

“I cannot afford this lavish dinner. Thanks.”

And with this Diana stormed out of the dining hall and hurried upstairs to her room.

“So you didn’t ate anything!?” And with this Julie ordered two coffees and a chocolate muffin.

“No I don’t care about the food…what really matters that I wouldn’t be able to handle it for long. I don’t know when Aunt Jane will be demanding rent for the air which I breathe in her house.” Diana sighed. After a stressful night, she was sitting in a café with Julie.

“What have you planned then D?”

“I..I need another job. A part time one. I need to earn some more pay the rent and to save some. I want to buy a new flat.”

“D! a flat in New York City!! It will really cost much..”

“I know..that’s why I’ll start saving..maybe after a few months or years I could buy a home..the thought that I will be leaving that house will be enough for me to survive.”

“Umm..I think I can help you.” Julie started searching something in her bag. Soon she took out a paper cutting and handed it over to Diana. It was a poster of the GREAT STAGE.

The GREAT STAGE was one of the most famous theatrical company of New York City. In fact it was the topmost theatres in America. The plays and shows put up by the company were so amazing and popular that they were enacted in other cities and countries as well. The Great Stage was also famous for using very advanced technologies during its shows. The plays seemed so real and lively due to these.

“A new show is been put up by the theatre and they are auditioning for the cast..”

“Julie..really thanks..but drama has never been my strong point.”

“oh come on should really give it a try. Who is asking you to play the lead? You could bag any side role or something.”


“they really pay well. I tried and enacted in the plays twice..and my acting skills were enough to get the role of a tree for myself..”

The two friends shared a laugh. “okay..if you are insisting..”

“I am…you will come with me tomorrow Diana.”

Will Diana be able to escape from the hell life she is living? Or her destiny will take her to some unexpected turns??…find out in the upcoming chapter next Sunday. Do write in the comment box and tell me about your views. Happy reading guys J       

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