Those days ?

Almost everyone of us have been to school and many of us must be attending one right now. Those who have lived that phase, say that it is a beautiful journey. In fact many say that it was the best. I completely agree with them and hence decided to write a few lines on it. Hope you like it ? .

You are old now, and have retired from work. Then one day you come across your school building…what would be your thought…

when I was returning from the government office after taking my pension,

I stopped in front of a red building which had taken my attention.

I don’t know how the time changed and I saw myself getting down the bus,

and I entered inside with such a huss.

I followed myself inside the building and a big Green ground welcomed me,

students of all classes were running inside, teachers arriving or having tea.

there it was just in the centre, a big platform called stage,

I remember walking on it, with such proudness and craze. 

oh! I had reached the stairs but I wasn’t complaining ,

forgetting the joint pain, like an energetic teen I was climbing. 

I reached the floor and saw myself throwing my bag on the chair,

I laughed at me, how free i was, no tension no worries no care.

young me had now reached the corridor and with friends I was shaking hands,

how heartily I was laughing, as if I was the queen of all the lands.

just then me and my friends were starled with the morning bell,

no one was ready to go to the assembly, seeing the boring looks I could tell.

the day had begun and I saw myself sinking in the daily routine,

I saw how happy at break I got, as I shared chips and pudding .

laughing, studying, eating and clapping I didn’t realise how the day went,

I was reluctant to leave the building, like my second home it meant.

just then a guard came to me and asked if I had lost my way?

I returned to the present and realised I was standing where I was, dreaming in the day. 

I gave him a smile and returned to my car, and gave a longing look to the building,

in no time I had left the place, my car on the road was speeding.

but my mind was still thinking about old days, I was so lively and such a fool,

I had enjoyed and now I missed my each and every day at school.

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