Our pledge ✊

Rivers, mountains, oceans and green fields, these are all given to us by the nature. Nature sustains life, supports life and protects it too. From past few years, we humans like selfish kids are taking the best of the nature but in return are showing complete negligence and lack of responsibility towards it’s restoration…

have you ever been to the banks of the holy Ganges,

the cool, clear river which comes down from the hill ranges.

with enormous powers she touches the grounds,

then she flows so swiftly, making soothing sounds.

as she goes, she swipes away all the ill which she sees,

her banks are so relaxing with cool breeze and shady trees.

taking a dip or two in her waters will make you feel so light,

you can see tiny fishes dancing in her, she is so clear and bright.

she solves every problem, which with her we all share,

but in return she asks nothing more but some respect and care.

she allows us to enjoy in her and swim and do a splash,

but she never allowed us to use and throw in her all kinds of trash.

in return of her precious gifts and our problem’s solution,

we give her back our leftovers and increase her level of pollution.

when we take something from the nature,

then we should think like a responsible creature.

our acts should not disregard her beauty,

nature should be preserved it’s everyone’s duty.

be it be the Ganges or our mother Earth,

we should pledge we won’t spoil them, they have helped us take birth.


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