Village life ?

I returned back home from work and decided to take a break,

as soon as I closed my eyes, my mind reached the village lake.

children when came back from the school, they used to run there for a shower,

they splashed all the time and gazed at their faces in the cool clear water.

the rains in the village used to be nothing less than a festival,

there was fun playing in it and if it rained much, we used to hide in a temple.

unlike the cities there was nothing like smoke, dust or pollution,

the people used to fall ill rarely, every problem had a natural solution.

yeah there were no ac’s and fans but nature’s breeze was no less,

people of village were healthy and happy, there was nothing like tension and stress.

the ‘tasty food’ according to the people of the cities, those pizzas and burgers are considered unhealthy,

the village instead served fluffy rotis and green veggies that truly made a person wealthy.

Abundant work the village too provides, and most of the village folks are friendly,

unlike the cities you would find a cunning, selfish person rarely.

under the sun the children laughed, slept or ran barefoot,

I also remembered playing all types of games in a field where a big banyan tree stood.

I was still roaming in the village homes when the noise outside brought me back to the city,

here you will miss the peaceful village life, in spite of every facility.

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