A child’s wish ?

I was crossing the road one day when I saw a small boy,

he was holding a broomstick in his hand, instead of a book or a toy.

I stopped at this site,  and asked him he liked to do this,

work is worship and no work is small, I was surprised by the answer of his.

I offered him some money and asked him to go and buy some food,

though he must be starving, but he refused and said that he was fine and good.

the next day I found the same boy, selling newspapers in the traffic,

in the hot sun, he was running barefoot, his energy was like some magic.

I called him near me and gave him a pair of comfortable footwear,

to this he refused again, I couldn’t understand how much the little boy could bear.

some days later, I was returning from work late in the night,

I again spotted the same child, who was trying to read in the dim street light.

I was perplexed, that he works so much all the day, wasn’t he tired? 

I stood there for some time and saw how keenly the torn, ragged book he admired.

I hurried back home and came back again, carrying a brand new book,

I gave it to him and he holded it with such care and a satisfied, proud look.

Money,  worldly pleasures, all of them these kids can leave,

such kids want guidance and education so that their dreams on their own they could weave.

if given a chance, these children can cross all obstacles,

they have the talent to amaze the world and do miracles.

we just need to understand what really these kids want,

we should give them our support instead of sympathy or useless taunt.

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