An Eternal Love Story ?

the beautiful, tender Earth and the smart, strong Sky fell in love,

they cared for each other and placed nothing but their bond above.

then the God decided to create life and called the Earth and the Sky,

the Earth will hold life on her, the Sky will protect it from up high.

both of them were shattered but agreed to what God said,

they had to leave each other’s hand and walk on different paths that were laid.

The Earth cried, the Sky moaned, they were separating forever,

we are going far away O Sky! I’ll be able to meet you never.

the Sky couldn’t bear his love’s tears, he held her hand and promised their love won’t go in vain,

whenever you’ll miss me, just send me signals, I’ll send you my love in the form of rain.

though we won’t meet each other ever, but our love is true,

come what may from all the obstacles, I promise I’ll protect you.

we have to give this sacrifice for a noble cause my dear Earth,

it’s the symbol of our pure love that life on you will take birth.

for the sake of humanity, the two lovers parted ways,

the Earth supported life to germinate on her, the sky sent warm sunrays.

but true love is so powerful, it can melt huge, hard rocks with it’s heat,

if you climb up high on the mountains you’ll see, the Earth rises there where with the Sky she meets.


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  1. Very good example quoted for True Love! through this poem. Very nice & beautiful bonding between Earth and Sky. Enjoy reading your poem.

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