The truthful mirror ?

your haters won’t tell you the way you are,

they will try to doom you as possible as far.

then there are those who in front of you act very sweet,

they’ll praise you on your face, but behind your back they cheat.

some people would take advantage of your wrong,

you cannot trust them, they won’t be there for long.

the pessimist will always see the worse in you,

you cannot ask them for what’s false and true.

but the mirror would never lie, it never flatters,

truly speaking, for it your beauty, clothes nothing matters.

it shows you what you really are, you could see with your eyes,

it’s truth can be bitter sometimes, but it’s honest, it never lies.

the way you fill your heart, it comes on your face,

the mirror just reflects you back, trace by trace.

your simple look would be young and lively, if you believe in the positive light,

you’ll look ugly, defeated, and finished if your heart is dark like the darkest night.

if you trust your vision then you will trust the mirror cuz it shows what’s correct,

that truth could be hard to believe, but never a false story it will narrate.

when looking into the mirror, do open your thoughts and your mind,

it will give you the perfect advice, neither taking you too high nor leaving you behind.



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  1. I relate myself with this poem… You narrated the truthful power of mirror very nicely. Keep it up. God bless you.

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