The never stopping time ⌚

what he was is a history,

what he will is a mystery.

what he is, is a gift,

giving you chance, to use plenty of it.

he is faster than everyone,

never stops for anyone.

scars can be given by him,

but he only heals them.

he causes destruction,

but to create space for construction.

he never favours anybody,

for everyone, he is sturdy.

not for any one he is bad,

never leaves someone always sad.

efficiently use him, you should,

else he will bring you back where you stood.

I dedicate this rhyme,

to the never stopping time.

– Shreyas Om

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  1. The writer has beautifully carved the thoughts on a simple topic like time…Charmed by the simplicity and beauty of the poem…God Bless.

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