The boy and the seed ??

I was buried deep inside a pot,

it was then when I was small and short.

I was afraid there, I won’t lie,

it was so dark, I felt I would die.

then someone poured water above me,

due to that I grew a bit I could see.

in a few days from the soil I can peep,

then I found now I wasn’t very deep.

I could see the world, inside that I missed,

I was overjoyed when sunrays came to me and kissed.

then a tiny tender stem from me came out,

then out came small roots, I felt so proud.

I brushed the soil aside and grew,

life is beautiful, someone said true.

a small boy was happy to see me grow,

“I planted it!”, he would shout and show.

after few days my stem got taller,

the boy found that the pot was smaller.

the kind boy then planted me in a ground,

I felt I was home, with cool wind and bird’s sound.

time flew like a bird and I changed in a shrub.

the boy was teen now but he watered me from a tub.

my stem turned brown and the branches were strong,

my roots grew quickly it didn’t took too long.

in a few months I got some tiny, pretty flowers,

the man would sit and admire them for hours.

the little birds would come to me for pegs,

squirrels sat on me, to give rest to their legs.

time isn’t still, it runs away fast,

the man went abroad, years ago I saw him last.

I had grown into a huge tree,

birds came and made nests on me.

then time came and I bore many fruits,

I wished the boy would be here to drink it’s juice.

one morning, a small child came and played,

an uncanny resemblance with my boy he shared.

then out came the little boy’s father,

I recognised him though we were meeting years after.

I was proud to see him as a man, he was proud to see me,

that’s the journey from a boy to a man and from a seed to a tree.


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  1. A beautiful and a harmonious relation between nature and a human, described very nicely in this poem.

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