One World, One Strength ?

I imagined a world with no division,

neither between countries nor religion.

there was nothing like poor or rich,

the Muslims hugged Hindu without any hitch.

No soilder died on the borders,

people walked together with joined shoulders.

there was nothing like ‘inter-caste’,

low class, high class became a matter of past.

the killings, the tortures all ceased,

prosperity and humanity several folds increased.

there was no wall between a woman and a man,

everyone could do anything which they can.

the concept of inequality finished,

words like racism, all of them perished.

on Diwali, a Christian could light crackers,

a Hindu on Eid distributed sweets and snackers.

lovers were not separated due to different groups,

there was peace and no fight between different troops.

this imagination can be true, if we pledge to be together,

things like ‘mine or yours’ then really won’t matter.


– Tanya Garain

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  1. Very nice and good thought. If it comes true this world will become heaven. No enemy all are friends. Beautiful poem hope the message through this poem become true one day. There are no words to praise this poem.

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