Life of a River ?

a river is born on the mountains,

she comes out in the form of little fountains.

like a small child she falls on the ground,

she flows fastly, singing and making playful sounds.

then from the hills it reaches the plains,

it has grown big due to the frequent rains.

here she turns into a beautiful teen,

carefree, swift and beautiful, if a river you have seen.

she possess so much of energy in her waves,

she’ll take you along, break all rocks in her ways.

banks of the young river attracts cities to be made,

the constant flow of her, never let’s her glow fade.

then she grows to become a beautiful lady,

to meet her lover, the Sea, she is ready .

her pace is now slow, as she is more mature,

before taking any step she wants to be very sure.

like her childhood days she won’t run very fast,

shying, she will approch the sea which is very vast.

then she falls in the sea water and reaches her final abode,

however be the way, she goes on and creates her own road.

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