Who am I ❓

who am I ?

God created me why?

am I a child? 

born to be crazy and wild.

am I an adult? 

who has a different view for world.

Do I belong to the learners?

who takes in values and nurtures.

or maybe I am a master,

who thinks broad cuz his mind is vaster.

do I belong to the sea?

endless, deep, big and free.

or maybe the air,

transparent, true and fair.

am I born to defend the weak?

will I become the voice of the meek?

am I there to attack the wrong?

am I a warrior who’ll fight for long.

am I a dreamer who dreams for better future?

will I spread peace and becomes it’s preacher.

I found I didn’t had any clue,

what about me was false? What was true?

I closed my eyes and asked God,

who am I? Who I am not.

he answered you were not born with a single personality,

you are all of them, it’s there in you like a quality.

– Tanya Garain

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