Power of woman✴

she is debarred from coming in this world,

she is a burden, many say you must have heard.

a family goes on if there is a boy,

she is weak, nothing more than a toy.

they won’t teach a man how to behave,

but she would be locked in the society’s cage.

her fate is in the hands of people in her life,

a fearful daughter, a mute colleague, or an obedient wife.

they will consider that she is physically weak,

they can’t accept to see her on the peak.

they’ll use her for whatever reason maybe,

she is a trapped bird who they think will never be free.

but what if she picks up the sword?

do they think they’ll be able to say a word,

she the constructor can make them vanish,

she gave them existence which she can finish.

her silence isn’t her weakness, but her biggest strength,

they will realise it when they’ll cross all length.

she knows how to stand for her and defend,

she can create much havoc which they won’t be able to mend.

 she is capable to cross a mile after mile,

and she won’t complain all this while.

she need not proove it cuz she has already proven,

she is better than anyone, she’s proud to be a woman.

– Tanya Garain

4 Replies to “Power of woman✴”

  1. Women has more power I also think as you written. ” women are weak”It was in past…… but now days society has changed its mindset about women.

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