Till now you have read that at the rehearsals, Diana and the playmates are surprised to find Ted lying at the other end of the hall. Diana feels she is responsible for it, is she right? Keep reading to find out.

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It seemed that someone had pressed the mute button of the hall. Ted was helped up by Zack and the whole hall was staring at Diana. Dumbfound.

“I..I didn’t do this..” Diana was horrified. She didn’t have any idea what had happened. Even Julie was looking at her..with a scared look.

“This time it was more severe. It shouldn’t have happened.” It was Mr Hacklebones. He was looking at Diana. His face was expressionless and his eyes were cold. Augusta was standing just behind him, with a terrified look.

“The device..” he turned towards other people now.. “it’s effect was very severe this time.” Ted was rubbing his back. “I need to get it could harm you all. The practise is over. You all should come after two days..the uninstallation would take time.” Everyone got out of the hall, silently. It seemed that they were afraid of saying anything and that they haven’t believed Hacklebones.

“Come..” Julie softly said to Diana..who was still standing where she was. This time she was very sure that something is wrong with her.

“Wait Diana.” Hacklebones said. Diana stopped immediately and looked at him. “You look tired..are you taking proper rest or not?”

“I am Sir..”

Hacklebones stopped for a moment and said, “Augusta..give Diana and her mate some energy drinks before they leave..”


Julie got down on her station and Diana continued her journey, alone. Julie had not said a word during the return journey and Diana was relieved by this. Her mind was full of thoughts and questions and at this moment she didn’t wanted to give any kind of explanation.

Her compartment was empty because her station used to be the last one. “I cant belive this.. I felt that current flow wasn’t my illusion..or it was??”
“It was not your illusion.”

Diana was taken aback. The compartment, which she had assumed to empty,..was filled with two Diana and..a boy of about her age.

“Who!!..who are you??” Diana stood up..she was shocked by this sudden interruption.

“Hey!..relax.. I am no harm.”

“How did you enter..”

“Diana please..don’t shout..relax!”

The stranger knew her name. this further shocked Diana.


The boy stood up and grabbed Diana’s arms and placed his hand over her mouth. “Are you mad!..thief?? what did I steal till now??” Diana was trying her best to shout from under his hand and free herself.

“Okay. You won’t listen to me like this. It was my mistake that I showed up suddenly. name is Christopher and I am seriously no harm.”

Diana was still trying to shout and free herself. “Look..if you won’t stop struggling..i could harm you, though I don’t want to do this ever and you should not compel me to do this..”

These words were effective. Diana stopped..though she was breathing heavily and looking at the boy with wide, frightened eyes.

“Perfect.” Christopher freed Diana out of his grasp and sat on a seat beside her. “Sit.” He gestured toward the seat. As if Christopher could shoot her anytime..Diana reluctantly sat, maiantaining a proper distance from him.

“ is not your illusion. You have some mysterical powers..i know everything about you.. my people and the world from where you are. Everyone knows about’s just that you are unaware about everything..”

“Unaware about what..??”

“About your powers..your origin..about everything.”

Diana was looking at Christopher in disbelief. “I know..there must be many questions going on in your mind..right?” Christopher asked.

“No..only one thought..that you are mad..a mental person who needs to be admitted in the hospital immediately..”
Christopher was taken aback. “Look..I can tell you..prove you..”

“Help!! Help!!.. this man is mad..” Diana had stood up and was shouting at her top voice hoping that some constable or some passenger could come to help her.

“Diana.. I knew you won’t believe me.” Diana turned towards Christopher..she was terrified and tensed immensely. She could hear some footsteps approaching her compartment. Christopher took out a small packet out of his pocket and threw at her. Diana immediately caught it to prevent her face.

“Whenever you’ll realise that I am true.. this will help you..”

“Ma’am! what happened!!?” a constable was coming in her direction.

“This man..this man is mad..” she pointed in the direction of Christopher.

“Who ma’am?”

Diana turned. He was gone. “But..but he was here few seconds ago..”

“I don’t think so ma’am..maybe you were mistaken.”

Her station had arrived and she got down. She looked here and there to search for the man..but he was nowhere. It seemed he had vanished.

That night, sleep was nowhere in Diana’s eyes. She was happy in her boring life. At least she was away from all this confusion. That current flow,..that uneasy feeling,.. and that mad man..Christopher..

She was hoping all this to be a nightmare. In these few days, her mental peace was lost.

“No.. I really encountered a mad powers..nothing is there.”

The next day, Diana woke up determined. After all the thinking going on in her mind.. she had decided to end all these things. It all started from The Great Stage. Neither she had went for job there nor all these unusual things would have started.

She called Julie and asked her to meet outside The Great Stage. She got ready in five minutes and looked at the small packet which Christopher had given her. Though she didn’t believe him, but she put the packet in the inner pocket of her coat.

“You are quitting The Great Stage!” Julie was totally surprised. “See.. Julie.. I will find another job somewhere else but I won’t work here now.. I can’t handle this anymore.” Diana sighed and looked at the building.

“I was very happy when I joined this place but in two months I feel my life is getting soo confused.”

“I respect your decision Diana. You do what you consider the best.” Julie placed her hand on Diana’s shoulder and smiled assuringly.

Augusta was sipping her coffee when Diana came over to her and demanded to meet Mr. Hacklebones.

“Diana! My dear.. are you sure.. I mean you are the perfect girl for this role and I couldn’t get any better actress anywhere.”

“I am sorry Mr. Hacklebones. I really regret leaving The Great Stage but I have no option. I am not able to manage between the bank and theatre.”

“You could permanently join The Great Stage..”

“No sir… thank you but I feel I am better with my bank job. I’ll be obliged if you’ll excuse me.”

“I wish I could convince you. But this is your life and it should be certainly your decision. Still.. anytime you feel that you need my help.. as I told you the first day.. you could always count on me.”

“Thank you Sir.”

Diana got out of Hacklebone’s office and came into the hall. She had asked Julie to wait there but she was seen nowhere.

“Augusta.. Julie was here wasn’t she? Do you know where she went?”

“Oh Julie? She got a phone call and went out.”

“oh! Thank you.” Augusta smiled back in answer.

Diana got out of The Great Stage but Julie was nowhere near the building. She came on the main road but to her horror Julie was not there. She was getting tensed now.

Diana took out her phone to call Julie when someone pushed her from behind & she fell. Her phone was thrown away from her hand and it came under a truck.

Diana stood up horrified but before she could scream for help or do anything someone placed a cloth over her nose and the last thing she saw was a man with covered face. After that she fell down again unconscious.

Where is Julie and who are the kidnappers of Diana?? Will she be able to save herself and her friend. Find it out in the seventh chapter next Sunday. Do post your views about today’s chapter. Happy reading.

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