The Jungle Trip ???

Let me take you to an amazing trip
We won’t go by a bus nor a ship.
You won’t find any airport there,
Railway station is to be found nowhere.
First you will be welcomed by canopies,
Be careful! There could be big stingy bees.
Then you will see langoors sitting,
And pack of deers, in a herd running.
Flowers of all kind, adorable and wild,
Seeing you the squirrels behind the bush will hide,
Go deeper and you will meet some leopards,
The elephants walk so loudly you could feel the tremors.
The bears would be lying lazily on the ground,
But they too are careful and jump up on every sound.
The monkeys would swing between one tree to other,
They are no harm if you stay away and don’t bother.
The lakes will be full of big green crocodiles,
It’s better to watch them from miles.
Tiger is a majestic beast, it’s the minister of the jungle,
Then lastly you’ll hear a roar, run! It’s lion the king of jungle.

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