Seasons ☁?⛄

the season is born in the form of spring,

with it new energy, new flowers, new hopes it brings.

it adds bright colours to every life on the earth,

it’s playful and beautiful, like a child who has taken birth.

the season then matures and changes it’s colour,

it becomes strong  and has much heat cuz it’s summer.

it starts it’s young hood with much power and zeal,

it ready to fight with the Sun, and the wind too if it feels, 

then the season falls in love with the clouds,

it’s temper soothes down because of his love which it’s  proud.

it washes of his aggressiveness in the form of rain,

it becomes more responsible and a bit more sane.

then it starts growing old with age,

it is filled with experiences and stories of courage.

it sheds old leaves of trees from top to  bottom,

it is filled with warmth and coziness, and is known as autumn.

then finally time comes when it’s like ice cold,

it barely walks or makes flowers bloom cuz it’s very old.

it sits back on a chair and relaxes and thinks,

how life passes before it’s eyes, in a wink.

with a positive hope that it will be reborn next year,

the winter waves a farewell and closes it’s eyes without any fear.

6 Replies to “Seasons ☁?⛄”

  1. Wow ! What a mind blowing poem. Your poem is very elegant. You give a positive message through this poem.Well done !

  2. What a inspiring poem. It gives important lessons of life in an intresting way. Your poems get a notch higher day by day.

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