it is so special, our first day on this earth,

though we won’t even remember what we felt when we took birth.

we feel so good when everyone say,

many many happy returns of the day and happy birthday.

gifts, parties, cakes and toffees don’t really matter,

you just wish a happy, peaceful life filled with hope and laughter.

We should set new goals, new milestones on this day,

our deeds and thoughts should be pure so that we can take a good way.

this day is to be thankful to our family and dear ones,

it is because of their support that we stay happy and do lots of fun.

I wish you a beautiful long life, all your dreams come true,

if it’s your birthday, then cheer up, happy birthday to you. 

8 Replies to “Birthdays?”

  1. It’s really a special day for everyone and it becomes more special if your near and dear realise you that you are more important with their valuable wishes. God bless you.

  2. Really……It is very special day for everyone. I think this poem will surely make someone feel very special n proud whose birthday is today. Great job??Tanya….God Bless U.

  3. Again a joyous and cheerfull poem from your pen. These poem can bring smile on anyones face and leave an impression on everyones mind.

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