Proud to be an Indian ?

it doesn’t matter from which state we are,

today we stand together, united and at par.

no weakness can take us back cuz we are one,

our power has increased more than billion tones.

rich, poor, Hindu, Muslim, whatever we are, we are proud,

our identity is nothing but an Indian when we stand in a crowd. 

we owe this day to the brave fighters,

who fought for our nation’s freedom harder and harder.

we salute those mothers on this day,

who send their sons to borders so that safe we stay.

we pray for those who for our country died,

who never feared the enemies and revolted day and night,

they took gunshots on their heart but never cried,

they were shouting Jai Hind when they finally died.

many left their families, their dreams for freedom,

they awared the masses and gave them wisdom.

they stood barefoot with the Tricolour in their hand,

their aim was nothing but to free their motherland.

their sacrifices brought the enemies on their knee,

fifteenth of August came when India was finally free.

at the midnight hour when the world was in sleep,

India bowed the seed of liberty which her coming generations will reap.


Happy Independence Day to all of you. Stay happy, blessed and united. Jai Hind.

11 Replies to “Proud to be an Indian ?”

  1. Amazing..,..poem. offcourse We all are proud to be an Indian.we all salute our national flag and I salute your thoughts. Jai Hind.

  2. Wow ! Tanya !you day by day amaze me. Your writing skills mesmerises me.yeaa we all proud to be an Indian. You beautifully explained all things in this poem. God bless you. Jail Hind Jai Bharat.

  3. A fabulous poem from a fabulous poet. These words left me mesmorized and increased my sense of nationality and unity to many folds. Happy independence day to all readers and specially to the poet whose words has given a wondrous tribute to the sacrificers for our nation.

  4. Proud to be an Indian is a poem of devotion for the nation and their citizens . A good poem written by you on the eve of independence day is very thankful.

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