The blood stained cloth ⚔️

it wasn’t the fault of one, it was of both.

what the war gave was a blood stained cloth.

it was a game for the leaders, but the soilders were risked.

to shoot everyone, the intensions were fixed.

the leaders sat on chair and misclaneously used their powers,

but those on the border, faced bombing and bullet shower.

the bullets and bomb destroyed every beautiful creation,

they killed others, in the name of their nation.

who started it became heroes,

but who all died for it, no one knows.

without thinking anything, they gambled their lives,

they didn’t stop for their children or wives.

to destroy each other, they had taken oath,

but what the war gave, was a blood stained cloth.

5 Replies to “The blood stained cloth ⚔️”

  1. True lines. If war does any good then more than that it takes away that cannot be replaced or replenished. Your poem gives a good message that unity and brotherhood should be maintained in the world. God bless..

  2. There is a war in everywhere. This is for justice or unjustice.Without war you can not get anything but your view is very perfect. Good going. God bless you.

  3. Your poem touches emotions of innocent people and warrior. God has created One World but people has devided in so many partition with their ego and power.

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