The Last Revenge

Different people, many stories and one last revenge. Get ready for a roller coaster ride with every character of the story.

Chapter – 1


“Oh God!” Fred was totally taken aback by sudden vibration of his phone. He was in his flat, alone and sleeping. It was 2 A.M. in the morning.


He felt for his phone without opening his eyes and opened them only when the phone screen was in front of his eyes.



He sat up and received the phone. “George…? What’s the matter with you…? You called up so late!?”


“Fred!” George’s tensed voice came from the other side, “I need you tomorrow morning. You need to come to my house.”


“What… tomorrow? But tomorrow is your flight for Switzerland, isn’t it? Are you planning to take me too?”


“I am not going anywhere,” it was George, “I need to elope from here and you have to help me.”

“But why…? You…”


“I’ll explain you later. I am messaging you the details of the plan. Please be on time.”


“Fine…” Fred disconnected the call. Even in the chilly hours of that morning, he could feel some drops of sweat on his head. “What is George up to?” He asked himself. “He got such a golden opportunity to go to Switzerland and start his cookery business there… then why is he backing out?

He was thinking when George’s message came. His eyes widened after reading his text.


“Man! This is so risky!” Fred would have never done this if someone else had asked him to do so. But it was George on the other side. His best buddy. He couldn’t refuse him, and if George was asking for something, this meant it was pretty serious.

He typed ‘okay’. Still confused about George’s motive, Fred lay back. Sleep was nowhere in his eyes. In few hours, he would be doing the most dangerous work of his life.


Fred was tall, sturdy, black man with curly hair. He was doing a job in corporate sector. He was about to leave for California in few days.  He has got a better job opportunity there.


And George, he was the son of one of the biggest business man in New York, Mr Richard Fienkelstein.

Fred was never sure of what his business is actually about. His presence in every field, politics, games, constructions… everywhere.

George never had interest in any of the family business. He was a great cook and wanted to pursue his carrier in this. His father had agreed to his demand finally and had planned to send him Switzerland.


George was very happy about this. Fred was happy for him too. But then what went wrong?


Fred Got up. He washed his face and come out. He needed to do some preparations.


Who is George? What are his motives? Why is he running away and what has he asked Fred to do? Find out in chapter 2 next Sunday. Do share your views about today’s chapter. Happy reading!


  1. Good to see your second book. Very exciting start. I believe your second book will be as promising as the previous one. God bless you.. keep it up.

  2. Wow ! Again a fantastic start of your novel. It is a very curious start. I trust this novel would be more good than the previous one.
    God bless you…

  3. Hey Tanya! Many many congratulations for your second book. I am very proud of you and I congratulate your proud parents too. During the time when today’s generation is busy in social networking , you came up with your unique thinking and writting skills. I am very mesmerized by the first chapter of your novel. Again a very exciting chapter and a wonderful start to the book. God bless you!

    1. Thank you so much ? it feels very nice to get blessings from well wishers like you all. Hope I’ll make you all proud even more.

  4. Wonderful !!! …Happy to see your second book… Wish you all the best through your journey dear, very exciting start… Already curious for the roller coaster ride 😉

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