Till now you have read that George is surprised to find his mother Agatha at his home. Agatha urges George to confess his feelings to Venesa. Will he be able to do so? Keep reading to find out…

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Venesa came to her bakery next morning and was equally surprised and happy to meet Agatha.
The customers weren’t at the shop yet hence Venesa, Agatha, George and Fred were having coffee together in the shop.
‘’George talks about you a lot,…I used to think that you would be very nice, but you are nicer than my thoughts..’’
Venesa found a motherly love in Agatha’s words and behavior,…she was moved.
‘’And George,…you were not able o describe how beautiful and generous this young lady is…she is more good than your descriptions…’’ Agatha said while smiling towards Venesa and George.
Venesa was blushing and George could feel his back of the ears getting hot.
‘’Ah…Ven…where’s your Dad? I am sure mom would be very happy to meet him…’’ George said to avoid the awkwardness.
‘’Actually his sister came from the town today morning, to take him,…he celebrates Christmas there.

Agatha finished the last sip of his coffee and stood up…
‘’me and Fred should leave now…I am planning to join his company as senior consultant and I need to prepare for the same. After that he will accompany me for the Christmas shopping. You two enjoy…’’
Fred got up too and winked at George. Then he followed Agatha out.

Venesa was rolling her cup in her hands, not sure of what to say.
After few seconds George broke the silence,…
‘’Ah…Ven…what are you doing today evening? …I mean its Christmas eve…if you had time, we could just roam around the big carnival in California.’’
Venesa was happy at this proposal but didn’t wanted to show it…
‘’Ah…I guess, if the customers are done till evening, I can come..’’

Without expressing it to each other, both Venesa and George were in a great hurry because they wanted to finish each and every work before evening.
Finally they closed the shop at seven. George was ready and was waiting for Venesa in front of her house.

After fifteen minutes of wait, which seemed ages for George, the door finally opened and she came out. George felt he wasn’t breathing.
She was looking gorgeous in her red dress. Very light makeup and hairs falling loose till her waist. She smiled at George and came near.
‘’shall we proceed?’’ she asked.
George smiled and nodded.

Will George gather up the courage to confess his feelings to Venesa. Will his fear of loosing his love due to his past return? Find out in chapter 12 next Sunday…. Happy reading.

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