The Spring Will Come ?

cold winds planting thorns in your body,

roads unclear, dark and foggy.

misty sky driving  away all the heat,

leaving you frozen and unsure how to retreat.

dark times may come in the form of winter,

they’ll suck out all joy, your peace it will hinder.

the sun of hope may not come out for days,

you may not be able to find the right way.

your feet may bleed cuz of icy thorns,

you may be right but will be proved wrong.

instead of giving up or leaving the ground,

before running away, please do turn around.

after the last leaf falls from the tree,

the earth revolves and smiles with glee.

the spring comes and hugs the dear world,

its the reward for those who didn’t drop the sword.

the cold days vanish and new energy flows,

warm sunshine and beautiful flowers in a row.

your life will also get that spring if you stay,

just don’t loose hope, fight and pray.

your spring will come and wrap around you,

then you will remember the winters, a mere time that flew.

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