A father’s tale ??

once there was a man,

and he had a family to sustain.

he did everything he can,

and strangely, never felt any sorrow or pain.


if his kids would ask for an ice cream,

he would get them, sacrificing his food.

to see them happy was his only dream,

and he worked for him, more than he could.

the kids grew up, beautiful and smart,

the father had done so much for their future.

the grown ups were still babies in his heart,

and he still wanted to help them and nurture.


seeing an old man cough beside them,

their so called friends mocked the children.

the dad’s presence made the kids condemn,

either go to the village or stay inside the house hidden.


poor father was hurt and shocked,

his precious flowers gave him a painful thorn.

but he wanted them happy so away he walked,

deep inside, he was crying and torn.


years later, the now adult kids realised,

their real freind was their father.

the whole world was mean, fake and disguised,

only their dad protected them with an armour.


guilty, crying and filled with remorse,

they reached their father’s place,

only to know he had fallen sick with course,

he was loosing health with much pace.


the kids were shattered and cried

holding their sleeping father’s feet.

the father opened his eyes, feeling the kids beside,

having them again, he cherished the moment as a treat.


a father is never angry for long,

he wants us happy and succeeding.

he will make us capable and strong,

sacrificing himself without even thinking.


respect him, old or young, fathers are like a treasure.

lucky are those who have him by his side, the feeling has immense pleasure.

4 Replies to “A father’s tale ??”

  1. A heart touching poem which gives us the true face of the world. I really appreciate the author for understanding a father’s true feelings and penning it down so well. Keep it up.

  2. Great poem. A father is real superhero. The words which you have used to describe the life of a father are really heart touching. Salute to all the fathers.

  3. Wow! This poem made me remember the struggles which our fathers do while bringing us up and how often today’s generation becomes thankless and insensitive towards him. But then again, there are young girls and boys like you who value their parents and are setting good examples in the society.
    Proud of you tanya. God bless

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