The captain is reborn ?


The captain returned to his tent

And sheathed his sword,

Today was not his day, but for the enemy it was a reward.

He sat down and the losses he was counting,

He did this while the nation was lamenting.

What went wrong he thought to himself,

Each scar on his body was a story itself.

Today his arrogance was beaten to dust,

And his sharpest swords had caught rust.

Sleep was nowhere in his tired eyes,

His ears was still ringing due to the war cries.

The reasons he was still thinking,

In his thoughts he was sinking.

The sun rose and he grabbed the war horn,

The thoughts faded and the captain was reborn.

Dedicated to the most successful and the best captain our Indian Cricket Team has got, Mahendra Singh Dhoni. We will always love you Mahi?

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  1. This poem gives me goosebumps. Speechless after reading this. Truly suits our MS. Long live India. Long live Dhoni.

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