Something Chapter – 17 : Story of Nawaaz

Till now you have read that Zara and Siddharth come to Iraq in search of the truth and to do something against the culprits who are threatening the man kind. What is in store for them?

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The old man stood up and after making sure that no one is watching, asked Zara and Siddharth to follow him in. The shop opened into a small room. There was a bedding on the floor, an earthen pot on a stand, and a gas stove with some utensils in one corner. The room also had a small window, which gave the view of lush fields.

The old man spread a carpet and all three of them sat there. The old man offered the couple glasses of water.

“For how long have you been here?” Zara asked.

“I don’t know…its been fifteen years I guess? …yes yes… fifteen years clearly. I was here on a secret mission with Captain Radcliffe. Back in England, we were informed that a terrorist group is increasing it’s hold over Iraq…they are killing people who don’t oblige to them…they are torturing women and kids. Here, we had many British people stuck…and it was our job to bring them back safe. This place…this was the place they had occupied. Unfortunately, our citizens were trapped. Our mission was to take them out safely…and hence we did an air strike.”  Said the old man, whose real name was Nawaaz Alam, but he lived with the name, Waseem Saqlam.

“What happened then?” Siddharth asked.

“Captain Radcliffe, a young, brave officer, he was leading the air strike. I don’t know how, but these brats over here, already knew what was happening…before we could attack them, they attacked us. Most of our soilders died…along with Captain Radcliffe…” Nawaaz sighed.

” They didn’t find me. I was not in the fighter planes. I could not return to my country… leaving behind innocent citizens. I vowed to live here…to do something for them…for many days, I lived in hiding…then re-established communication with the officials of my company. Soon…a plan was made…and then according to this plan…I shook hands with them…ISC.”

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  1. Glad that the story is taking its pace. This is really great content and this site is keeping us entertained during this quarantine period. Respect and blessings for the blogger.

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