To know that we move on,
That we leave behind things,
Once and for all,
That’s a beautiful thought,
But just a thought.

If that night was heavy on you,
You still writher in sleep,
Startled by the thunderstorm,
Panic on the tip.
Searching solace in those faceless dreams,
Lightening awakes you,
Aching to be free.

Numb feelings, startled for a second,
If you see the past looming.
Relief unimaginable, it wasn’t true,
To think we have the strength,
And then to feel like running,
We are honest to oneself?
Or we spin lies to us, everyday a new.

And then eternity later, we think of it
And what we became,
And what wrong did we do?
We didn’t forget,
If history was unkind to us,
Should we really care?
Once tricked, not risk our repair.

But did we become our demons?
This newfound shelter,
Does it has spines unseen,
Did we turn bitter,
Not wanting to be sweet.
Did we truly leave everything,
Because we aren’t the same,
We must have remembered to be not.
Or we left that part of us too,
That wasn’t willing to move on,
That had bed of roses for everyone,
And thorns for themselves to walk on.

Maybe we did become something else,
Something we never wanted to become,
Human, but a touch of anger,
Never getting the apologies we deserve.
Healing something we didn’t break,
Getting pricked a thousand times in the process,
To save all the tears for us,
To forget, but not much.

Image by Tanya Garain

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