Who’s great ⁉

once the Sun and the Moon went into a fight,

the sun said look at me, I am more bright. 

oh moon, you shine just because of me,

without me your glimpse would not be seen.

the moon answered back, he wasn’t ready to loose,

may you be more brighter ,but it is me who soothes.

in the night when there is darkness all around ,

you just go back and hide behind the great clouds.

but I remain there and tell the world,

nothing to be afraid of, you are safe take my word. 

the fight continued for long, they didn’t calm down,

they both wanted to win, fighting for the greatness crown.

seeing them in such a state the mother Earth came,

don’t argue like this, it’s turning into a pathetic game.

oh Sun it’s you who support the life on earth,

your heat, your light helps many new plants take birth.

because of you the men do their daily chores,

your power reaches everywhere, maybe it mountains or sea shores. 

but the moon has an equal part to play,

the tiredness of the day, it removes without any delay. 

the moonlight calms and cools the lives, 

it gives a good break to everyone, be it men or bee hives.

you both are very important for mankind, 

no one is forward, no one is behind. 

the Sun and the Moon understood at that instant, 

be it small or big, everyone is important. 

respect should be there for each and every being,

that’s the ideal way of a good living .

-Tanya Garain

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