The night ?

like a naughty child it enters the world,

without any noise, not a single word.

It slowly creeps into the big blue sky,

and steals away the light from the Sun up high.

it spreads it’s legs and stretches it’s arm,

don’t be afraid of the darkness, it does no harm.

the owls wake up from the sleep and make some creepy sound,

the dog barks on every shadow, in the forest the wolves hound.

if on the roof you could look up and see, so many of the stars,

undisturbed you can enjoy the cool breeze, no noise, no honking of cars.

If you by chance grow afraid then don’t get panicked pretty soon,

to give us some light and a companion, up comes white cool moon.

working non stop be it be humans or the Sun, it does becomes stressful,

hence comes the night after day, it relaxes us and is quite helpful.

it wraps a comfortable sheet around you and wants you to rest,

even the lion goes back to it’s den, the birds are back in their nest.

when it goes it promises to return the Sun’s stolen light,

but before that you regain your energy and sleep, says the dark night.

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