The Tricolour’s Story ?

Once there was a plain cloth, which did not had any colour,
It seemed it wasn’t happy with this look and decided to take a tour.
It planned to go far and wide, up on the hills, down till the sea,
It aimed to get some beautiful colours, whichever it will see.
First he went to the land of braves, who fought for freedom valiantly,
He saw how the heroes of India sacrificed their blood and defeated the enemies brilliantly .
The cloth was proud and hugged each one of them, he saluted their action,
The cloth then realised he got the colour of their sacrifice, the glistening saffron.
Next he reached the land of peacemakers who preached nothing but calmness,
The cloth too decided, he will spread good thoughts and got some of their whiteness.
The cloth now reached the lush green fields and saw how happiness germinates,
Then happiness turns into prosperity as a field the farmer cultivates.
The cloth was overwhelmed and exited after seeing this beautiful scene,
It didn’t realise it too was a sign of happiness now, it had magically turned green.
When it was returning to it’s home, he saw some hardworking men,
They did not stop, women too had power in them, the children had strength in their pen.
He decided to adopt this lifestyle and teach others too like a mentor,
He got the Ashoka Chakra, a wheel with twenty four spokes, in the centre.
It was not a cloth anymore, but had become the symbol of a complete nation,
It became the pride of every citizen, it turned out to be such an unique creation.
We Indians hold it proudly in our hands and sing Jai Hind louder and louder,
Our bravery, calmness, and hard work is represented by our National Flag, the Tricolour.

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  1. Very nicely rhymed, pure subject, garnished with beautiful words to explain, seemed like i was living through the poem, visualised!!!!!!?

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