Dreamland ?

this land takes you to various adventures, 

don’t worry it’s free of cost.

you could do anything, meet any creature,

oh please relax you won’t be lost.

you can paint the sky the way you wish,

you can raise the hills as high you want.

you can make things come or vanish,

no worries, no tension will haunt.

you wish to be a bird then you are free,

you wish to be a fish then the lake is yours.

you can climb or jump from any tree,

the air you feel here is pure.

if you love comedy then it can be funny,

you can see yourself dancing on the tables.

your face can be like a monkey or a bunny,

close your eyes and you will be in the land of fables.

dreams are like this, they take you to another world,

dreams can be good, bad or inspiring.

either meaningful or you won’t understand a word,

yeah I agree sometimes they are quite confusing.

you can see your aim coming true here,

or you could see nightmares.

some dreams you feel worth to share,

some can send shivers to your hairs.

whatever they may be, dreams are entertaining,

after a tired day you can enjoy them while sleeping.

you can see the sun or you can wish it would be raining,

for today’s night I’ll wish you in advance, sweet dreams.


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