Till now you have read that Diana arrives at the Great Stage where she meets Mr Hacklebones, who turns out to be an old friend of her mother, Eriana Ulbane. She is playing the lead in the play..will everything be alright??…

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Diana was never this much happy in her life. She really enjoyed watching the surprised faces of Jane and Peter when she threw the house rent in front of them and declared that Jane need no longer prepare ‘heavy’ meals for her. She was paid an advance from the Great Stage. She now took the script to the bank where she used to learn her lines when free and practised her scenes in front of the mirror.

 She had made many friends in the Great Stage and really enjoyed those four hours every day while the rehearsals. She was playing the lead (Julie couldn’t believe her ears) and hence had a great responsibility on her shoulders. Mr Hacklebones behaved very kindly with her. He was a gentle, polite person.

Moreover, Diana had got to know a bit about her mother and this made her calmer. Diana’s life had suddenly turned very exciting and she was loving this change. She was paid very well and she hoped to buy a new flat soon.

In no time, the day of the play arrived. Diana had never been so nervous in her life. She got to know from Mae, her playmate, that about hundred spectators would be watching them.

“Oh my God!! Julie I won’t be able to do it..this anxiety is killing me!!..”

“Don’t worry,…I’ll put some great flowers on your grave..”

“Julie!!”  “Oh come on D..I was just’ll be ‘great’ me..”

“I hope..”

Diana didn’t realise when the play started. Keeping her nervousness aside, with confidence she began her scene and in no time, the audience was charmed by her beauty and excellent acting skills. She was playing the role of a girl with some powers, who was protecting the world from some evil beasts.

Soon the last scene arrived.

“you are doing superb..just go on..” it was Mr Hacklebones. Diana was about to enter on the stage for her final scene.

The scene was going like this..a demon (played by a boy named Zack) was advancing towards Diana. Diana said her lines, “Stop where you are fool!!”…Zack, cried and said , “I’ll kill your people today!!..”

Zack started running towards her. Diana lifted her hand and placed in front of Zack, getting into her character and with much confidence and energy she shrieked, “STOP!!”

And this happened suddenly, Diana felt a current going through her hand…to her brain, she felt like her hand was expelling something and then suddenly…Zack was thrown off the stage.

The audience started cheering loudly.

“It seemed so real..”

“the man beautifully landed himself on the ground..”

“what a powerful scene..”

The curtains had fell but Diana was standing where she a state of utter shock.

“Wow Zack! What a wonderful jump..”

“You were supposed to fall at the place where you were standing..”

The other cast members were impressed by the last minute change made by Zack- the jump. Zack was standing up now but he was quite terrified.

“I didn’t jump this hard on my own!!..I felt..I felt a power throwing me off the stage!!”

All eyes were on Diana now. Diana was feeling the same. She was looking at her hands in which she had felt a current flow a few minutes ago. Everything was normal now but diana could feel something uneasy happening with her.

“I..I don’t know what happened with me..I just felt a flow of..”

“You felt nothing.” It was Mr Hacklebones. He had come up on the stage. His face was looking serious and his hands were folded behind him. Augusta was just behind him.


What just happened with Diana?? Was it an illusion or something is really wrong?? Find it out in the fifth chapter of An Ulbane next Sunday. Do share your views about the latest chapters. Happy reading friends…

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  1. Can’t handle this suspense!!!?? waiting for next chapter eagerly…plsss post the next chapter soon…

  2. This story is taking a mysterious turn..I am very curious to know what will happen now with Diana. Your style of writing is very elegant. Waiting for next eagerly.

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