Life of a rough paper ?

what’s the role of a rough sheet of paper?

maybe you would say it doesn’t matter.

but take a pause and think about it,

where do you write first when ideas in your mind hit.

before making anything final and fair,

before making any presentation ready to share.

you pen down your words on a rough sheet first,

then cut it many times cuz modification is must.

maybe it a story, a song or any calculation,

you trust a rough sheet first before any manipulation.

to make your piece perfect, you use as many rough copies,

then after several revisions, you win laurels and  trophies.

so basically rough papers are raw presentation of your brain,

but they are not kept well they usually go in vain.

well the answer to this point isn’t very tough,

however important it is, it’s after all a rough.

your ideas are accepted when they have quality,

when rough meets perfection then you are honoured in the society.

your life should stay rough but strive for perfection always,

a man who polishes himself daily, satisfied he stays.

– Tanya Garain

7 Replies to “Life of a rough paper ?”

  1. Hey Tanya!l am very impressed with you because your thoughts always encourages me for good. How beautifully you explained that what a rough paper is and we all should work hard so that our life does not changes into rough…God bless you ?

  2. Very nice thoughts..You always amaze me with your writing skills. This poem is quite meaningful because we all should work hard to polish ourselves daily and do not change into rough…Keep it up .

  3. Very nice! The way you have explained the importance of rough paper is very impressive and commendable. It`s not only matter of rough paper, there are several things we miss to give importance in our life. Very good writing and imagination. Keep it up.

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