Books..your ultimate power ??

books are just books, they are for nothing else,

read it, shut it, and keep it back on the shelves.

people who have such theories about a book,

the importance of it by them have been mistook.

not just your eyes but open your ears,

not just letters, but you will hear voices of theirs.

their aim is to give you whatever they can,

they never discriminate between a poor and a rich man.

a book can give you so much of strength,

you can cross all barriers in just one length.

they connect you to the power of knowledge,

they are for life, not just for school and college.

it isn’t partial, but it’s equal for all,

it helps people rise to big aims from small.

books are the key to a person’s empowerment,

they play a crucial role in the nation’s development.

it bridges the gap between different communities,

it bars no difference between a village or a big city.

books consider you nothing but a good friend,

they ask back nothing for the knowledge they lend.

literature, maths, science whatever you choose,

you will feel as a winner, you can never loose.

it teaches love and peace and raises you above hate,

want to read a book now? it’s never too late.


5 Replies to “Books..your ultimate power ??”

  1. Amazing…This power which is there in your pen is the result of your true friendship with books. Keep it up..God Bless..

  2. Books are real friend, who gives us knowledge and learning of life. It never leave you alone. Very nice poem, God Bless you. My blessings always with you.

  3. Hey Tanya ! Very inspiring poem. Really books is our best friend and you have beautifully depicted that in this poem.

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