An Ulbane – Chapter 5

Till now you have read that Diana witnesses a strange incident with her during her last scene at the play. Was it her illusion or something is there which is hidden from her? Keep reading to find out.

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“You felt nothing.” It was Mr Hacklebones. He had come up on the stage. His face was looking serious and his hands were folded behind him. Augusta was just behind him.

“the place where Zack was standing..I had placed a device. It was a decision taken by me at the last minute and hence got no time to inform you all. It was the latest technology which the Great Stage has bought. At the right moment, the device sensed Zack’s presence and threw him off the stage with it’s spring mechanism.”


“Very well done guys.” Hacklebones had interrupted Diana. “this show is going to be more successful then I thought. You may pack up now..the rehearsals are again after two days. Our next show is in California.”

Everyone vacated the place except Diana. Julie was there too. Hacklebones turned to Diana.

“and you were hilarious! Just like your mother..she must have been very proud.”

Diana opened her mouth to say something but before she could say anything Hacklebones continued.. “you should come to my office to collect your cheque and next practise schedule.”

Diana asked Julie to wait in the hall and followed Mr Hacklebones. She had something in her mind and wanted to say it.

“your cheque Diana.”

“thank you Sir..”

“ there something you want to say?.. you don’t seem very happy after your first success.”

“Ah..yes..I..I don’t know what it was..but..”

“What Diana?”

“I..I felt a sort of current in my hand during the last scene and I don’t know why but I..I feel that I was responsible for..throwing Zack off the stage..”

Hacklebones looked at Diana for a moment and then burst out laughing. “Oh!!..oh Diana..haha!! you want to tell me that you got some powers from your character huh!??”

“No..I..” Diana was feeling ashamed now. She was as normal as a twenty one year old girl could be. She was taking her illusion too far.

“Well I am glad. You got in your character so deeply that you felt this. It happens. It happened with your mother too. It’s good for the profession.”

“Yeah I think it was my illusion.”  “Never mind Diana. You are a very good actress. Keep working hard like this and you will be the biggest name of Hollywood one day..I know.”

“Thank you Sir.”

Diana came out of Hacklebones’s office. Everyone had left except Julie who was waiting outside. On a trolley, some energy drink cans were kept which were there to boost the tired actors. Diana picked up the can on which her name was pasted and left the Great Stage.


“You are late!” it was Uncle Peter who welcomed Diana that night when she reached home.

“You are in the Great Stage!” It was Aunt Jane.

“You never told us!” they both cried together. They both were in their evening dresses. It was clear that they had been at the Great Stage to witness the new show.

“What you both really care about is the rent..isn’t it?.. you will get your rents on time. Good night.” She stormed towards her room.

“Yeah..we don’t care where she we?” Uncle Peter asked Jane who was watching in the direction of Diana’s room, open mouthed.

“STOP!” Nothing happened.

“STOP!” Nothing yet again.

Diana was standing in front of her mirror and was trying to recall what really happened. Well, nothing flew off..nor did Diana experience any kind of current flow in her body.

“It was certainly my illusion.” She swooned the last sip of her can and fell on the bed. Asleep.


“Wake up! Will you!?”

It was Aunt Jane banging on Diana’s door the next morning. She was there for about five minutes. Diana opened her eyes slowly..for a moment she was not able to realise who the heck she is and where is she. Then last night’s incidents flashed before her eyes and she sat up.

“What happened?” Diana opened her gate and asked.

“Are you drunk!! You know what time it is?? It’s TEN AM!! Though you are full of flaws but you haven’t slept this late before..and where the hell your phone is?? A girl named Julie has called for the fifth time on the landline asking are you coming to the bank or not??”

“It’s 10!! I never realised I slept for this long!!” Diana hurried inside her room and started searching for her phone.

“how will she.. the great actress of New York city needs her beauty sleep” Aunt Jane went down stairs murmuring. Diana found her phone. Ten miss calls! she called Julie and profusely apologized for not picking up the phone and assured that she will reach in 10 minutes.

“were you so tired?” it was Julie asking Diana when she had finally reached the Bank. George was pretty angry on her as she had to make many pending calls early that morning.

“no.. I wasn’t. In fact I didn’t even realised when did I fell asleep.” Diana remembered drinking the last sip of her energy drink before hitting the sack. “Oh come on D.. you must be very tired. I acted like a tree in the previous plays and it let me so exhausted that I used to sleep till 11.”

Diana had decided to forget the incident at the play. She had accepted it as her illusion. Once again she got busy with her practice sessions and the Bank. Mr Hacklebones worked patiently with her. Three weeks had passed and the reahersals were at its peak now.

One day, Diana was practising her scene in which her sword fells down due to one of the enemy and the enemy (played by Ted) had to attack on her hands. In defence, Diana brought her hand near her face and closed her eyes.

And then.. to Diana’s horror.. she felt the same current flow and when she open her eyes.. she was severly shocked.

The ten people, who were playing the role of the evil army, standing in front of her had been thrown away many steps back..and Ted..was lying at the other end of the hall!

Diana is experiencing those things which she never felt spite of Hacklebones’s reassurance she isn’t feeling normal. Will Diana be able to brush aside her doubts or she would be more puzzled? Keep reading to find out what happens now in the sixth chapter next Sunday.

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  1. What a story. Left me spell bound and mesmerized. Can’t think anything except what will happen next.

  2. New turn of Diana life. Good going. This is wonder for me. How you are going such a suspicious way in your novel. Egerlly waiting for your next turn.

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