Eyes ?

big, small, simple or they may be beautiful,

maybe stern or filled with love thats plentiful.

our eyes act as two windows on our face,

through which we can see the world and feel it’s pace.

you cannot just see but eyes reflect what’s there in your mind,

it comes through the eyes, if you are cunning or kind.

blink your eyes slowly, to  assure everythings right,

or widen it up when you get a chilling fright.

your eyes speak half of the words of your heart,

but there is one more pair of eyes that’s even more smart.

these eyes are not visible but you can see through,

these eyes  can perceive what’s not visible to you .

these are the eyes which connect you to the God if you concentrate,

if you use them wisely then you can create or decide about your fate.

these eyes are of the mind which provides you with an aim,

and gives you a vision to work and achieve the same. 

these eyes won’t lie to you, because they are very truthful,

see good and understand best from them, you’ll find your life is turning meaningful.

5 Replies to “Eyes ?”

  1. Eyes are truly the windows to our emotions and mind. You express simple topics in a wondrous way and your words add a depth to them.

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