Believe in yourself ??

you are never defeated, till you refuse to fight again,

your sun is never set, till you refuse to rise again.

 your creation is never destroyed, till you refuse to create again,

your work is never spoilt, till you refuse to work again.

your journey to success will complete, till you don’t loose your aim,

your energy would never be depleted, till you don’t commit the mistake same.

opportunities are never gifted, they are always found,

solutions to problems don’t come handy, they are mind’s logic and heart’s sound.

qualities are never pointed out, they are watched silently,

what you require is that you work efficiently.

life is always a journey and problems are part of it,

facing them is compulsory as there is no option to quit.

failure is a part of any story and can come at any turn,

it is a defeat if you feel, or a lesson to learn. 

5 Replies to “Believe in yourself ??”

  1. Very true and nice poem. This poem realise the inner strength to achieve your set goal. Nothing is impossible if you believe in yourself.

  2. Mind blowing poem . Your poem teaches us that if we believe in ourselves and are full of self confidence then there is nothing that we cannot achieve.

  3. Very well explained the main agenda of life in the form of such a beautiful poem. Certainly, our determination decides wether we are a looser or a winner. Well done ?. God bless you.

  4. Believe is an important part of life which gives you to go ahead . A nice poem dilivered by you. Your willpower is very strong. Go ahead. God bless you.

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