Chapter – 2

Till now you have read that Fred gets a call from his friend George. George is the son of Richard Fienkelstein, one of the richest person of New York City. George had shared a very dangerous plan with him. What is it? Continue reading to find out.


A lady was sitting on an arm chair in a big room. The room was designed with rich work. The photo frame on the wall were telling that she had a son. His childhood photos were very cute and he looked quite smart as a grown up. It was clear from the pictures that the mother and son were much close to each other. She was looking out of the window. It was evident that she was tensed about something. There was a soft knock on the door. Such a strong relation she had with her son that she immediately realised who it was.

“Come in George.” She said and got up from the chair.


A young, smart, fair man entered the room. He was about twenty five. He had dark brown hair and very charming blue eyes.


“Fred will be there…” he said while his mother bit her lip.


“George, it would be very risky, poor Fred could get into trouble due to all this…”


“Don’t worry mom, he is as trust worthy as you are… I wouldn’t let anything happen to him, we’ll be safe. At this point I am worried about you…  after I am gone…”.


“No George… this man could do nothing to me until I am completely useless. I know your dad, he wouldn’t sit quite.”


“I wouldn’t let him succeed, never… I am ashamed of calling him my Dad… I would like to….”


“What would my dear son like to do?” A tall, sturdy man had entered the room. White court and pants, expensive watch, expensive shoes and his beard gave him an important look. A few days back, George was a great appreciator of his father’s personality but now, he only hated him.


It was difficult to control his emotions, his anger that time. But…, he had to wait. “Like to call you both to Switzerland on the day of inauguration of my restaurant”.


“Definitely my son… definitely. Agatha, bid you son farewell now, the cars are waiting for him and George remember to meet Steve. He will pick you up from the Airport and take you to my friend house.”


“I will do the same.” George could not believe this, how fake his father was! Agatha hugged his son and kissed him on the forehead.


“Be safe.” She said.


George followed Richard downstairs. They both hugged each other and came out. Many guards and men had to follow him till the Airport. He got into a white car in which he was supposed to sit only with his driver. Others men sat in different cars.


David, Richard’s most trust worthy man came near him.


“Report me about everything. I want him to reach Switzerland without any problem.” Richard said to David in a low voice. David nodded and sat in a black car behind George.


The cars came out of the mansion and now they were running on the main roads of New York City. George came to the front seat, beside the driver. The driver took off his cap and beard. He was Fred.


“Excellent Fred”. George said while he was unpacking a parcel which he had taken out from his bag. “Everything is going according to the plan.” He added.


“I am not at all sure what’s the matter… why are you running away and that too like this…” Fred said… while he was concentrating on his driving.


“Believe me, Fred. They are sending me to Switzerland for committing a sin which I never want to do…”


“What!?” Fred was about to hit a car in front of him.


Fred has arrived in the disguise of George’s driver. What is George running away from? Will they be able to elope successfully? Find out in chapter 3 next Sunday. Do share your views about today’s chapter. Happy reading..




  1. Very good writing and beautifully explain about the current scenario, creating a suspension and excitement. Waiting for next chapter eagerly.

  2. Again a wondrous chapter which leaves a imprint on the readers mind. The point on which you have left the story is full of suspense and excitement. Very good and god bless you.

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