The Last Revenge – Chapter 3

Till now you have read that Fred arrives at George’s house in the disguise of his driver. They both are planning for a big escape. Why are they doing so and will they be successful? Keep reading to find out.


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George had taken out a revolver from the packet and was holding it tight. He will be needing it no time.


The cut came, two cars which were in front of George’s car took to the left road, which went to the airport. Fred and George looked at each other and nodded. Fred took a sharp right turn and in no time they were racing on the road which went to the bridge.


David was shocked and confused by this. He instructed his driver to follow George’s car and he called Fienkelstein.

“Sir!…George’s car has taken a wrong turn and they are speeding away!”

“Follow him! I want him at any cost!”

George looked back, about eight cars were following them. David’s car was in the front.

“Fred..just keep driving till I say.” Fred nodded and increased the speed of the car.

It was action time.


George opened the gate of his running car and half tilted him. He aimed his revolver at the tyre of David’s car and shot. David’s car lost balance and was hit by a truck from the other side. His car was lying on its back and had caught fire. David managed to save himself. He shouted and ordered the other cars to follow George.


Fienkelstein’ s men were following him. They had taken out their guns and were shooting. Thanks to Fred’s excellent driving skills that they were safe till now. George had pulled down his window and was shooting back. He aimed at one of the car’s windowpane’s and the car hit a divider severely, leaving the driver dead.


The whole road was under total chaos. Cars of other people were speeding away from this destruction. The bridge was still far and two cars were nearing George’s car very quickly.

“Fred just drive.” George said and with this he shot at a large hoarding. It fell on one of the cars with a great thud and broke the windows.

Fred got time to cover some more distance.

One of the bullets came and hit the side mirror of their car. George started shooting back continuously. The car lost balance, flipped and was blown away.

George and Fred had reached the bridge finally. Four cars were still following them.

“Fred…where are they?”

“On the backseat.” Fred replied. He was looking straight.


George reached for a bag and pulled out two  water breathing masks. He gave one to Fred and wore one himself.

George loosened his seat belt and said,



Fred raced his car ahead,…then suddenly he took a very sharp turn, their car collided with the long, strong fence on the bridge and was falling down towards the water.


Before their car could hit the surface of the water…George and Fred jumped out of their seats and fell into the water.


Fienkelstein threw his phone on the floor angrily. Agatha was standing behind him, half afraid, half happy.

“He’s dead!…loss!!…total loss!…you Agatha…you must have told him the truth!”

“What if I did? He would have known it sooner or later.” Agatha replied confidently.

“Nah…nah…” Fienkelstein smirked at his wife, “You will not let your only son die Agatha…where is he my dear wife?”

“Death is better than the work you wanted him to do…”

“I will find him…and then I’ll see you.” Fienkelstein said angrily and stormed out of the room.

“Be safe George…be strong…” Agatha murmured to himself.



Are George and Fred dead? If not…where are they? What was Fienkelstein up to and for how long will they save themselves from Fienkelstein? Find out in chapter 4 next Sunday. Do share your views about today’s chapter. Happy reading…

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  1. Simply amazing!! Today’s chapter gave me goosebumps as each line of the chapter was thrilling and unpredictable. Waiting very eagerly for the next chapter. ?

  2. What a chapter! Hilarious one. The action scenes , the racing cars…Felt like seating in a theatre. Waiting for your next chapter eagerly…

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