Till now you have read that George and Fred fake their death to escape Fienkelstein’s men. Where will they hide themselves? Are they safe now or the danger still looms over them? Moreover, why are they running? Keep reading to find out.


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Two men were sitting in a train. They had covered their heads with the hoods of their jacket and were whispering amongst themselves. One was George and one was Fred.

“Do you think they’ll believe?” Fred asked, “That we are dead…?”

“I think so… by the time they’ll start searching for us. We’ll be gone… far away.”


George said while looking out of the window. Trees, houses, fields were passing by and so was his mother, he could only hope that she would be alright.


“Common George. Tell me everything.”


George looked at Fred. He shifted more close to him.

“I always thought that my father… Mr. Fienkelstein was a big business man. I never have thought in my wildest of imagination that he was a… a Gangster, a big Don.”


George took a breath…

“I was a fool… I never realised why my mother remained sad, I thought it was because her husband didn’t have sufficient time for her, but… it was due to his profession, which mom hated. He agreed for my business of cookery in Switzerland, but actually he was sending me to one of the Gangsters there. He wanted me to do the same crimes which he has done. That man is giving three million dollars for me.”


“I can’t believe this…! He was kind of selling his son for money…” Fred was shocked. “Yeah… he was doing the same. Once I would have got trapped into his plan, there would have not been any escape for me… last evening when Mom was helping me with my packing, I sensed immediately that she wasn’t happy at all, when I asked, she started crying and told me everything.”


George got silent.


“We made this plan together and it got successful only because of you.”


George smiled at Fred.

“Anytime friend, I am relieved that you escaped.”

“This train goes to California right?” George asked.


“Yes, we’ll be there in about an hour.” Fred replied while looking at his watch.


“Perfect. You could join your new job there & I could start my work there.”


They had reached California and were standing in front of a small but beautiful house. Fred had taken a room of that house on rent. George had enough money with him at that time and hence they both contributed for the rent.

Their room had two beds, a small kitchen at one corner and a door which took them to the bathroom. Though George was not used to live in such a small room but he didn’t complain. In fact, he found the room very cosy. George had cooked great dinner. They both were enjoying their food.

“I have to join from tomorrow, my office is fifteen minutes away by walk.” Fred said while munching the crispy potatoes, “what about you?”

“I’ll make some good lunch for you.” George said in a girlish voice.

Fred raised his brow and then both the friends burst out laughing.

“You better join your work… I think I’ll just roam around tomorrow and collect information like where could I start my work or what I should start with… may be I would join a restaurant first, as a cook… don’t worry, you will not pay the bills and rents alone.” George said.

“Even if I have to… I don’t care, and you know that.” Fred smiled and said.

They finished their dinner and went to their beds. It had been a long, tiring day for them.


George and Fred are here in California. Away from his dad and his evil plans. Are they safe or Fienkelstein will find them soon? Find out in chapter 4 next Sunday. Do share your views about today’s chapter. Happy reading…


  1. Very interesting story, you gave a new direction to the story with emotional touch. Eagerly waiting for your next chapter. God bless you.

  2. Glad to see that your story is taking an interesting shape. It seems to be a promising novel to me again. Well done ?

  3. Wanted to share this Tanya. I bought your book on amazon kindle (an Ulbane) and went through it. I was amazed to see how your writing skills can think beyond reader’s imagination. Honestly speaking, I couldn’t have predicted the climax which you have written. Simply wonderful!! I wish you all the very best and may you write more such stories. I recommend the readers to buy the book and read it as soon as possible ☺

  4. Again a fabulous chapter and a promising story. You leave the reader enthralled with the suspense and shocked on its disclosure. Very well written.

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