Till now you have read that George spends quality time with Venesa and her father at her house. Happily, he returns home and is shocked to find something. What’s that? Continue reading to find out…


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“Thanks for coming…”Venesa had came down see off George at the building gate.


“I should thank you for inviting me, Your dad is a great company, trust me.”George said smilingly.

Venesa smiled. Her beauty seemed to be doubled up under the moonlight.

‘’Bye George…’’

‘’Bye Ven…’’

Venesa looked back… ‘’would you mind if I call you Ven…its cute.’’

‘’no..not at all…’’ They smiled back to each other and then George left. Venesa climbed up the stairs. George’s ‘Ven’ was ringing in her ears. She was very happy that day.

George reached home. He closed the door behind him. His mind was filled with the incidents at Venesa’s house…especially the promise he gave to Jones.

Smiling to himself, he was searching for the switch buttons of the room lights when someone switched them on before him. He was stunned by this and was even more surprised to see his mom standing in front of him.

‘’Surprise!’’ Agatha laughed cheerfully. Fred was standing behind her, smiling at George.

‘’Mom!’’ George was overjoyed and ran to hug his mother.


‘’There was nothing left there, so I came…my life is with my son and his happiness. I told him that I am going to Berlin, my father’s house…’’ Agatha was sitting on the bed. Fred was making tea. George was sitting beside Agatha.

‘’But mom…if you…’’

‘’don’t worry George, I know what are you thinking. Your dad will never come to know about this place…’’

Fred was serving tea to Agatha. ‘’You tell, how are you guys going, George have you thought of any job or work…’’

‘’Of course, he has searched a very nice place to work, and a very nice colleague to work with…’’ Fred winked at George.

‘’Oh! Nice, so…who’s she?’’ Agatha asked.


‘’Mom!…she is just my partner nothing else, she handles a bakery in front of his home…’’ George said without looking at Agatha’s face.

George looked up and faced his mother. ‘’I would like to accept it, I would like to…in fact love to tell her that how I feel for her…I want to spend my life with her…but…’’

‘’But what?”

‘’Mom,…I have escaped from New York, but that doesn’t means that the danger is over, Mr Fienkelstein would be after me and my life…I don’t know when I have to escape this place too… I have already risked yours and Fred’s life…I don’t want her to be in danger. She is a simple, innocent girl,…I don’t know how will she take this…how’ll she react when she’ll come to know that I am…I am son of a gangster…’’


Agatha took a breath and smiled feebly, ‘’Your concerns are right at your place George…but think about this, whatever your Dad is, it isn’t your mistake…you left everything so that you can oppose the wrong and be with the right,…if she wrong and be with the right,…if she truly loves you…I am damn sure, she’ll understand…take a chance George…at least take the first step…’’




Will George get the courage to confess his feelings to Venesa…will Venesa accept his love? Will they make a beautiful story together or their future is under threat? Keep reading to find out…

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