Till now you have read that George had succeeded in making Venesa his friend. Will this bond grow stronger? Or unexpected turns can ruin their blossoming love? Keep reading to find out…


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Venesa would find George waiting for her in front of the shop every morning. They would smile to each other cheerfully and then enter the shop. George had to refuse to take an extra key of the shop. “You are the real owner” he used to say.


Venesa liked this attitude of his. Even though he would help her a lot in the bakery, he always pretended that he was doing nothing. From home deliveries to serving customers in the shop, he did every task in the same energetic manner as Venesa did.

Sometimes he would come up with a guitar, sit in the center of the shop, sing merry songs. The customers enjoyed this. In order to keep listening to his songs, they would order an extra cup of coffee and a chocolate cupcake. Venesa would stand behind the counter and smile when everyone in the shop would be cheering for George. They loved watching George and Venesa, handling the shop together. Soon Venesa found out that George was a great cook. His pineapple tarts were becoming famous. Venesa and George worked together on a new recipe of cake and named it Georven’s cake. Wedding birthday parties preferred them above any other flavor of cakes.

Venesa’s financial conditions were improving as her business was flourishing by leaps and bounds. George had introduced her to Fred and she had taken the responsibility of delivering her famous chocolate cupcakes to Fred’s office. Apart from progressing business, Venesa and George’s relationships was improving too.

Venesa had found a true friend in George. She enjoyed the day with George at the bakery. She didn’t realize how her day passed laughing and working with him.

And George…he had completely forgotten the betrayal his father had done to him. His life seemed to be happy and lively again due to Venesa.




George was at Venesa’s house. Jones was eager to meet the person who was responsible for bringing a happy change in his daughter’s life. After much persuasion, Venesa had agreed to bring George home for dinner and George had agreed immediately [he was overjoyed].


At this time, he was sitting with Jones at the dining table. They were done with their dinner and were singing songs together. Venesa was washing the dishes and was happy to see his father enjoying George’s company.

She came out wiping her hands and interrupted in between their songs,

‘’Dad, its eleven now…you should sleep.’’

‘’Oh Ven…please…lemme sing a few more songs…’’ Jones pleaded.

‘’Dad, save your voice for other day…see, George is tired too. You should rest now.’’

‘’No Sir! I am not at all…’’ George noticed the stern look on Venesa’s face and quickly added, ‘’…but I think you should definitely go to rest…our songs could wait for some other time…’’

‘’Ah…if you both are saying so…’’ Jones sighed and got up. George and Venesa helped him to his room.

Venesa went out to fetch some water. George was alone with Jones in the room for that while.

‘’…George could I ask you something…answer me quick or Ven will return…’’

‘’Sure Sir…’’

‘’Would you take care of my daughter…when I am gone…I know I am a guest of few days…I see her future very happy with you…”


Venesa was coming towards the room. George hadn’t expected this question but was happy to know that Jones had thought like this…

He smiled and said, ‘’…sure Sir, I’ll take care…more than myself…’’


This friendship is taking a beautiful turn…full of hopes and love. But is everything really alright? Keep reading to find out.


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