Till now you have read that George and Venesa get engaged and are soon about to get married. When everything seems to be going smooth and perfect, the hiding place of George gets discovered by Fienkelstein. What new turn will George’s and Venesa’s life take? Are they safe or a disaster is coming? Keep reading to find out.


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The guards came in running but were shot dead. This further terrified the customers. ‘’Everyone still!!… I’ll shoot if someone moves.’’ The man shouted. Venesa was frightened. George took her hands in his and pressed it tightly.

The man was pointing again towards George ‘’You!!… come out! That girl is with you right?… come out or I’ll shoot…’’

‘’George! He knows you… he wants something from you…” Venesa was shocked and scared.

‘’Ven…” George whispered, “leave from here…silently…go.’’

‘’No…George I wont go…I wont leave you…that man can shoot us!” Venesa wasn’t ready to go. George had his eyes on the man who was waving his gun at him.

“Ven…you trust me or not?’’


‘’You trust me or not?’’

‘’I do…’’

‘’Then do as I say. Nothing will happen trust me…’’

Reluctantly, Venesa left George’s hands and started moving away from him. The man immediately pointed his gun towards Venesa,… his attention was diverted from George.

‘’I am telling you girl… STOP or I’ll shot… STOP!’’

George was waiting for this moment. He lifted the trolley and threw towards the man. The gun fell from his hand.

‘’Everyone move !!’’

George shouted. The supermarket was under total chaos. Everyone started rushing outside. George grabbed Venesa’s hands and they started running towards the back of the shop.

The man had taken the gun again and was firing blindfoldedly. He too hurried behind George and Venesa. He came to a corner were many shelves were kept. The market was evacuated.

‘’I know you both are hiding here… come out… you have no escape now…’’ the man said as he was nearing the hiding place of George.

They were hiding behind a shelf. Venesa had held her breath back while George was holding a can of fire extinguisher in his hand and was waiting for the right moment.

As soon as the man came close… ‘THUD’.

George smashed the heavy can on his face and the man fell down unconscious. The police had arrived and took the fallen man away.



‘’George…are you telling me or not?”

George was standing in front of Venesa’s house. He had come there to drop her safely to her home.

‘’Ven,…I would…why don’t you understand…get in fast…its not safe for us to be out…’’

‘’The police thinks he was a burglar…but I think he didn’t wanted money…and your reactions prove me right… George, he knew you…’’

‘’I know Venesa! For God’s sake!… GO INSIDE!’’

George realized immediately that he had shouted at Venesa.

Before he could apologize, the door was banged shut on his face.



Venesa is about to discover George’s terrible past. Will she still love him and accept him or will fate play really bad this time. Find out in chapter 15 next Sunday. Do share your views about today’s chapter. Happy reading…

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  1. Am stunned! This suspense which you brought suddenly when everything was going smoothly is simply hilarious. Waiting eagerly for next…

  2. Oh no ! The story was proceeding quite nicely but the sudden twist has made it more interesting. Am very curious to know what will happen next.

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