Till now you have read that George and Venesa are attacked by a shooter, working for Fienkelstein in the supermarket. Luckily, they escape from there but George is tensed as he knows the danger is here. Moreover, he needs to tell Venesa the truth. Will she accept George and help him in his fight…or thisis the end of their story? Keep reading to find out…


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George returned home with a heavy heart. The incidents at the supermarket had scared him and he knew why.


“If it was my matter,… I wouldn’t have been affected…but they have seen Venesa, she has nothing to do with all this,… but they’ll be after her now…”

George had narrated the incidents to Agatha and Fred who were very shocked to know all this.

“It was my mistake… I came in her life…forced her to love me…” George was feeling guilty.


“You haven’t done anything wrong yet but if you wont tell her the truth now,… it could be a wrong from your side…its better you both run away from here…together…she loves you deeply and she will understand the circumstances,…don’t hide anything,… she has all rights to know about everything George…” Agatha said thoughtfully.

George nodded in agreement.


George was waiting for Venesa in front of the bakery the next morning. Finally she came. It was clear that she had cried last night. She was looking miserable.

Without even looking at George, she opened the shop and got in.

“Ven…Ven hi, good morning…”

Venesa started taking out the items for making cakes and muffins.

“Good morning.” She replied bluntly.

“Ven, listen to me…”

“Hi Venesa, Hi George, what a lovely day…I know I showed up early…never mind, Venesa darling would you pack a fruit cake and choco cookies for me…I am visiting my brother today…” it was Mrs Prinkley, the same fat lady who had interrupted George earlier too.

The door opened and more customers started coming in. it was no use of talking to Venesa now,…he wanted to talk to her alone.

It was until eight when the shop was finally empty. Without saying anything, Venesa started pulling down the shutters and curtains.

“Ven, Ven, please listen to me…I am really sorry for last night, you don’t have any idea how scared I was…seeing your life in danger,…you don’t know…”

“How would I know George? You didn’t tell me anything and when I asked, you ordered me to go inside…problems get solved when they are shared…and in a relationship in which you and me are getting, we need not keep secrets from each other.”

George came near Venesa and took her hands in his.

“Please Ven, give me a chance. It was my mistake that I kept you unaware about…” George wasn’t sure of what to say, he was afraid of losing Venesa’s trust.

“George,…tell me please, I believe in you and I know you cant do anything wrong knowingly…” Venesa said and George got some strength.

George told her everything. Everything about his childhood and family, how he was unaware about his father’s real identity and how he escaped from New York City by Agatha and Fred’s help.

“ I think Fienkelstein has come to know about your hiding place,…George you should have told me this before, we could have ensured our safety long back…its not only about me,…but also about your mom, Fred and Dad…we all need to be safe…”

“Yes, Ven,… I regret that…I wasn’t sure how will you react…but now you are with me…”

George was not able to complete his sentence. To their horror, they could hear the sounds of firing which was nearing every second.




And Fienkelstein is here. Every life is in danger now…is there an escape for George and Venesa or things are going to change forever. Keep reading to find out…

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