Down the memory lane?

With stick in my hand and
A few grey hairs left,
I came in my garden and
Sat on a bench to rest.
My grandkids and their friends
Were playing with a ball,
Some were short, some were fat
Some quite thin and some tall.
Smiling at them, I remembered
The good old days,
When my head was not bald
And I didn’t had shaky legs.
I used to run up to my school
And met my only friend,
We played marbles outside the class
When were given punishment.
In the evening we took our
Cows beside the river to graze,
We played, rolled and laughed
The cows watched us with amaze.
The school got over and
We moved to big towns,
It felt that our colorful world
Was reduced to black and browns.
But me and my friend
Always met at the tea stall,
With hot tea we imagined
Our future with girls beautiful and tall.
College was over and
We were pushed to work and earn,
Now we wanted to be small again
To play and to learn.
Work made us move apart
Into different big cities,
And telephone, facebook and all
Were not there in the seventies.
I lost track of him and
He too must have faced this,
I married a tall beautiful girl
But I couldn’t tell it to him.
Years started passing and
My family and work prospered,
We were fulfilling dreams which
Our young minds had nurtured.
For some work, I travelled
And went to a different place,
And unfortunately met an accident
My car had suddenly lost its pace.
After some time when
I had gained my consciousness,
There was my friend staring
At me with anger and frustration.
You will never grow up
You show haste in everything,
What would have I told your family
If there happened anything?
Teary eyed we both were
Reunited by the fate,
But it all felt the same
Even if life had moved with fast rate.
We cherish those memories
Hard days of life was made smooth,
He is my treasure and
A true friend, and I’ll always love this truth.

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