“Sid! You just can’t keep me waiting for my coffee.”

Zara folded the newspaper for the third time that morning. “I can’t understand how a coffee could take so much time to brew?” she was yelling while looking towards the kitchen, from where her husband, Siddhartha was supposed to bring her coffee ten minutes ago.

“Just adding extra sugar honey.” Siddhartha replied back. “God…” Zara sighed. She knew the kitchen would be in total mess. Probably, sugar on the whole kitchen slab, milk spilled on vegetables, coffee in mustard sauce and his husband would be struggling hard to make a decent coffee out of all this. Siddhartha and kitchen were like north and south. Still, he insisted to make coffee for Zara pretended to be annoyed with all the litter he caused in the kitchen, she always appreciated his efforts.

“Tadaa!! Special coffee for my special one.” Siddhartha finally brought the coffee.

“I will get late because of you…” Zara said while taking her cup.

“It’s your fault, who works on a Sunday?” Siddhartha sighed.

“C’mon, it’s not a small issue. I think the department is late already. Who waits for whole two days for taking the statements of the witnesses? I don’t know how such an irresponsible step can be taken. The park could have been blown up, many innocent lives were at stake.” Zara was quite concerned.

“Hmm…thankfully, the blast was prevented.” Siddhartha said thoughtfully.

“Yeah, but it doesn’t means it can’t happen again. We really don’t know anything about how the bag was planted there, by whom…nothing.”

“You say nothing?”

“No Sid. Only that the girl alerted everyone and the bomb was diffused.”

“The girl, you are going to investigate with her today.”

“Yes…we need to start our investigation from her. For her security, its necessary to keep it private.”

“Zara, be safe. This case sounds risky…”

Zara smiled and took her husband’s hand, “I will be safe, don’t worry. But I will try to find out the culprits as soon as possible.”

Siddhartha gave a smile. Zara went upstairs to get ready.

Siddhartha took the newspaper. It was filled with news related to the bomb found in the central park.

One of the news said that the cctv cameras around the park didn’t show any unusual person entering or leaving the park. However, the images were not clear and some parts of the park didn’t come in the footage. The garbage bin, in which the bag was found, was invisible too. News said that three men had arrived at the City Airport, a week ago from Iraq. They had insufficient documents and hence were held back. They were suspected to be involved in illegal smuggling of weapons but due to lack of evidence, they were made to fly back.

All this news, suspects and mystery added to Siddhartha’s anxiousness. He knew how Zara was. She worked in the Intelligence department and these investigations were no big deal for her, but this time, the case was tricky and dangerous. And Zara, until unless she would find the culprits, she won’t sit back. She always worked beyond her limits. And once, she will get in this case, nothing will stop her.

Sometimes, Siddhartha wished he was in the same profession as Zara. At least, he would be always there to protect her. He was a software engineer, working with a MNC. How he and Zara met, fell in love, married and came all the way here, all seemed a fairy tale. They were two different people, from two different religions and backgrounds but it seemed they were always meant to be together. Zara came down, ready.

“You look good.” Siddhartha smiled and said.

Zara smiled back. Zara’s phone started ringing.

“Uh Oh! From the office.” Zara exclaimed and answered the call.

“Zara speaking..Hmm..Hmm..yes…WHAT??” Zara seemed to be very shocked. Siddhartha came near her.

“KIDNAPPED?? How is ir even possible?? Who were they??…I’ll reach her home in no time.” Zara hanged up.

“What is it Zara?”

“The girl, who informed about the blast…Ira. She is missing…”


  1. Although this is just the start of your roller coaster but I still want to tell that the story is unfolding in a great manner. Keep up the good work.

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